Where is Panama City, Florida?

Located in Northwest Florida, Panama City is the largest city between Pensacola and Tallahassee. It’s situated in the seat of Bay County.

How do I get to Panama City, Florida?

  • By air: Our local airport is Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. Our airport code is ECP. Learn more about the airport, here.
  • From the East: I-10 or HWY 98
  • From the North: HWY 231 or HWY 77
  • From the West: I-10 or HWY 98

Panama City, Florida is in what time zone?

Panama City is in the Central Time Zone

What is the weather like in Panama City, Florida?

You can find more information about the current weather in Panama City here.

What time does the sun set and rise in Panama City, FL?

Panama City is known for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  You can find up-to-date information on what time the sun will rise and set here.

What are the historic districts in Panama City, Florida?

  • Historic St. Andrews
  • Historic Downtown Panama City
  • Millville
  • Glenwood

What restaurants in Panama City, Florida are pet friendly?

Panama City has a restaurant to suit every palate and every pet! A complete listing of restaurants can be found here. The word “Pet Friendly” is listed as an amenity to any restaurant that is Pet Friendly

How do I get to the beach or Shell Island from Panama City, Florida?

Take HWY 98 West.
The quickest way to get to Shell Island is with the Shell Island Shuttle which will pick you up from the St. Andrew’s State Park.  Learn more about the Shell Island Shuttle, here.
Visitors can also rent a boat or take a charter out to Shell Island as well.

Charters & Rentals:

  • Bayside Rentals Panama City (850) 215-2220
  • All the Way Charters (850) 814-3010
  • Grassy Flats Charters (850) 832-4952
  • GOTCHA Expeditions (850) 890-7746
  • Panama City Inshore (850) 258-7780
  • Reef Runner Sailing (850) 890-1120
  • Fly Times Charters (850) 775-8119
  • Freedom Adventure Charters (850) 730-6524
  • GoldenRod Fishing Charters (850) 527-2198
  • Gulf Coast Excursions (850) 630-7332
  • Heritage Excursions (850) 258-5353
  • Last Local Guide Service (850) 774-0909
  • Old Town Charters (850) 814-5289
  • Southern Dawn Charters (850) 527-2455
  • Family Traditions (850) 819-4610
  • Back Bay Adventures (850) 819-5829
  • Capt. Salty Charters  (850) 624-8893
  • Capt. Sully Charter, LLC  (850) 867-3511
  • Fifth Generation Charters  (850) 867-5404
  • JP2 Fish  (850) 319-7855
  • Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours & More  (850) 571-5455
  • Panama City Inshore  (850) 258-7780
  • Reef Runner Sailing  (850) 890-1120
  • Seminole Wind Charters  (850) 234-6740
  • Stem to Stern Sailing  (850) 866-8724
  • Beachy Boat Rentals (850) 708-5829
  • Capt Zach Adventures (850) 387-8875
  • Scotty Boat Rentals (850) 872-1714
  • Flippin Awesome Adventures (850) 276-4796

Where are the boat launches or public bay accesses in Panama City, Florida?

  • Bob George Park: 130 Church Ave Panama City, FL 32401
  • Carl Gray Park: West 22nd Street and Moody Ave Panama City, FL 32401
  • Cherry Street: 4000 Cherry Street Panama City, FL 32401
  • Cook Bayou: 117722 Bay Vista Road Panama City, FL 32404
  • Earl Gilbert Park: 6511 Oak Shore Dr Panama City, FL 32404
  • Econfina Creek: Highway 20 Panama City, FL
  • High Point Park: 7925 Highpoint Road Panama City, FL 32404
  • Ira Hutchinson Park: 4405 Highway 2321 Panama City, FL 32404
  • Lake Huntington Park: 3504 West 15th Street Panama City, FL 32401
  • Maude Holmes at Sandy Creek: Sandy Creek Road Panama City, FL 32404
  • McCall-Everitt Park North: 4241 County Road 2321 Panama City, FL 32404
  • McCall-Everitt Park South: 4242 County Road 2321 Panama City, FL 32404
  • McKenzie Road: 1501 McKenzie Road Panama City, FL 32409
  • Parker Environmental Exploratorium Park: 4630 Lake Drive Panama City, FL 32404
  • Shoreline Circle: 3718 Shoreline Circle Panama City, FL 32405
  • Tharp’s Fish Camp: 4405 Huckleberry Lane Panama City, FL 32409

Where are the marinas in Panama City, Florida?

There are five marinas in Panama City, Florida.

  • Panama City Marina: 1 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401
  • St. Andrews Marina: 3151 West 10th Street Panama City, FL 32401
  • Sun Harbor Marina: 5505 Sun Harbor Road #1, Panama City, FL 32401
  • Watson Landings: 1654 East 5th Street, Panama City, FL 32401
  • Bristol Harbor Marina: 239 E Beach Drive, Panama City, FL 32404

Are there museums and art galleries in Panama City, FL?

Yes! Panama City has an art scene that is on fire. Learn more about it here.
Our galleries and museums are

  1. Bay County Historical Museum
    • Located at 133 Harrison Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401. The Bay County Historical Society was organized in 1936 to identify, preserve, and document Bay County history; to assist in the preservation of historic sites within the county; and to collect, identify, and preserve documents, pictures and artifacts of historical value. Learn more, here.
  2. Panama City Publishing Museum
    • Located at 1134 Beck Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401. The Panama City Publishing museum was built in 1920 by George M. West.  In addition to photos, newspapers, and documents produced by Mr. West, the building contains over 70 major items, including original printing presses and office furnishings. Learn more, here.
  3. Panama City Center for the Arts
    • Located at 19 E 4th Street, Panama City, FL 32401. The Center for the Arts is run by the Bay Arts Alliance and strives to inspire a lifelong love and appreciation for arts. Enjoy free exhibitions, fun classes and events. Things are constantly changing, so visit the center often. Learn more, here.
  4. UnReal ARTists Gallery
    • Located at 839 Oak Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401. The UnReal ARTists Gallery has plenty of art to view and ways for you to create your own art. Learn more, here.
  5. Native Spirit Museum & Gallery
    • Located at 1101 Beck Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401. This museum is free to the public and showcases Pre-Columbian shell, bone, stone and claw artifacts from the local and surrounding areas. The Gallery features Native American and Native American-styled artwork from around the country.  Learn more, here.
  6. CityArts Cooperative
    • Located at 318 Luverne Avenue, Panama City, FL 32401. The CityArts Cooperative is a coworking space for creatives of all types. This gallery hosts art exhibits, art and dance classes, and many cultural events. Learn more, here.
  7. The Gallery on Beach Drive
    • Located at 36 W Beach Drive, Panama City, FL 32401. The Gallery on Beach Drive exhibits art by local and regional artists of Northwest Florida. It is also home to the Cultural Hub of NW Florida, which provides resources to artists, including networking, education, and access to space to display their work. Learn more, here.

What transportation is available in Panama City, FL?

  • The Bay Town Trolley offers routes throughout the day through Panama City, learn more here.
  • National companies Uber and Lyft are available via smartphone applications.

Where can I get information about fishing for Panama City, FL?

The US Fish and Wildlife Service provides up-to-date information regarding fishing laws, regulations, and ecosystem information. Learn more, here.