NeighboroodMap2Panama City Neighborhoods

In Panama City, Florida, there’s a salt-in-the-air, sand-between-your-toes atmosphere that goes far beyond the water’s edge. Distinct from the bustle of nearby beaches, there’s a comfortable feeling, radiating an atmosphere all its own. Many are surprised by the mix of small-town charm and funky village vibe. The variety makes this a destination many choose to explore over and over again.

Panama City is the largest city between Pensacola, less than three hours to the west, and Tallahassee, two hours east. Sitting just about in the center of Florida’s northern Gulf Coast, tucked away on the northern shores of St. Andrews Bay, this destination welcomes visitors to the place where city meets sand. Experience the nuances of the four historic neighborhoods of St. Andrews, Millville, Glenwood, and Downtown Panama City as well as the retail corridors you can find along 23rd Street and US Highway 98. Regardless of where your journey takes you, there is something for everyone in Panama City!