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Traditionally, vacations are thought to be leisure or recreational adventures. We often envision the extremes from floating beach or poolside to hair-raising roller coaster rides, or Broadway plays to repelling rock faces. The pace of our most meaningful adventures have always been self-subscribed, because vacation after all is not, by definition, an adventure. It is the departure of our normal lives, the vacating of work or school to go and do or just be somewhere else.

More and more the vacating of normal lives leads us to seek out of our box experiences. Whether it is immersion in a new culture or setting out on an uncharted road trip, the idea of vacations has truly evolved to mean whatever makes us whole, rebalanced, and appreciative of what we left behind. It is truly a temporary break from our regularly scheduled programs.

For generations, destinations like Panama City have cornered the market on memorable vacations. Our community molds the moments our visiting friends will cherish forever. Like the first time a family member experiences oysters at Hunt’s, or reeling in a snapper “this big” out of the Gulf of Mexico, or even tapping your foot and singing along with the Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews. Most recently added to that infinite list of memories are those that came and continue to come to volunteer. Since October 10, 2018, we’ve been graced with tourists with a purpose. From day trippers to those with extended stays, we have been fortunate to meet these new and returning friends on the front lines of our recovery.

Voluntourism is not new. Annually 1.6 million people volunteer on vacation and spend about $2 billion in their travels. Not only do they come to physically help, they also put their dollars into our economy and we appreciate them. Below is a very incomplete list of volunteer organizations and opportunities in Panama City post-hurricane. If you happen to be vacationing in the area, Operation Clean Sweep hosted by the City of Panama City is a great way to volunteer a few hours during your trip.

Samaritan’s Purse

Volunteer Florida

All Hands And Hearts

Team Rubicon

The Sonder Project

Operation Clean Sweep (Panama City)

The people who went above and beyond to help Panama City bounce back from Hurricane Michael.

On October 10th, 2018, Hurricane Michael rocked the very core of Panama City. The damage our homes and livelihoods took was substantial and, as the storm clouds rolled away, everyone knew that our city was forever changed. However, when the sun rose the next, the citizens of Panama City stepped up to the plate, rolled up their sleeves, and decided that if their world was going to change, they might as well change it for the better. (more…)

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On December 19th, 2018 a nautical sleigh pulled into the C.S.S. Yacht Basin in St. Andrews carrying gifts for the children affected by Hurricane Michael. Operation Santa Boat saw the delivery of over 1,500 presents to Panama City for residents to pick up from Panama City’s Salvage Santa at the First Baptist Church located at 640 Grace Avenue.


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Panama City has always been renowned for its thriving arts community; and our local artists have been showing the world that it will take much more than hurricane to stifle the creative soul of our beautiful city.
Panama City has always been renowned for its thriving arts community; and our local artists have been showing the world that it will take much more than hurricane to stifle the creative soul of our beautiful city. Read more… (more…)

If you’ve ever wondered what life at sea would be like, you can get a little taste for yourself in Panama City, Florida! Rent your home away from home, right on the water, with the abundance of Airbnb boat rentals offered at the St. Andrews Marina. Read more…

Panama City, FL is a fishing village embraced by the blue waters of St. Andrew Bay. It also boasts meandering creeks and bayous throughout, enticing fishermen to ditch the boat and explore the area by kayak and try their hand at kayak-fishing. Read more…

Is summer actually summer if it isn’t filled with scoops of ice cream, Pina Coladas and desserts made with seasonal fruit? If you ask us, we’re pretty sure it should be a new requirement when you’re on vacation to cave in to your sweet tooth. Read more…

The Governor Stone is a National Historic Landmark located in Historic St. Andrews. The last known survivor of a class of vessels once numbering in the thousands, the Governor Stone celebrated her 140th birthday in 2017. read more…

If you’re into Instagramming, put Downtown Panama City, FL on your list. Its got a 30's Art Deco theatre, waterfront vistas, historic buildings and an overall vintage vibe that will make your Instagram followers jealous? Read more…

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