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The Nao Trinidad Arrives In Panama City, FL

A replica of the flagship of Magellan-Elcano’s expedition that led to the first circumnavigation of the globe



The Nao Trinidad will arrive in Panama City next Tuesday, April 4th. She will be docked in St Andrews Marina and is ready to receive thousands of visitors.

“A visit to the Nao Trinidad to Panama City is a great opportunity for locals and visitors,” says Jennifer Vigil, Destination Panama City president and CEO. “We’re excited to be able to support their visit and encourage everyone to chart their course for the St. Andrews Marina and climb aboard this floating museum in Panama City!”

After having traveled through the Caribbean, she is back in US waters. After participating in the Tall Ship Festival in St. Petersburg, she continues her path to Panama City, Florida expecting to keep spreading the maritime heritage.

The Nao Trinidad was the flagship of what was called Armada del Maluco (1519-1522), captained by Ferdinand Magellan. Five ships (Naos) departed from Sevilla, but only two made it to the Spice Islands. Nao Trinidad was one of them.

This beautiful replica weighs 150 tons, is 93 feet in length, and has a 26-foot beam, three masts, and a bowsprit. The height of the mainmast is more than 82 feet, with five sails and five decks, built with exquisite work in Iroko (African hardwood) and pinewood. This ship has sailed to many different ports across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic European Coast as a training vessel and floating museum.

The Naos have this unique and original design that made them the most advanced in naval engineering, used first as cargo ships in Spain and then taking the lead as exploring vessels. She is a full-scale replica, faithful to her design and dimensions. More than a hundred artisans of the sea worked on her construction: such as ship carpenters, rope masters, and naval engineers.

The visitors will be able to tour four decks to feel how the life was like onboard at the time and how it is to live today on a historical ship of these characteristics. They will be able to learn about the maneuvering, the rigging and interact with the crew, who have the most amazing experiences on their long voyages.


About the Nao Victoria Foundation

The Nao Victoria Foundation is a non-profit entity that specializes in sharing maritime heritage, researching for the recovery, construction, and promotion of historical ships, and sailing to ports around the world allowing guests to meet history.

The NV Foundation is constantly looking for the historical accuracy combined with innovative techniques in the ship building sector, always following the current international regulations. This represents a massive advance in terms of environmental impact, costs, durability and maintenance of the ships, without affecting their historical aspect, navigability or maneuver.

Tickets Info:

Date: April 5th trough 9th

Location: St Andrews Marina

Opening times: From 10am to 6pm



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Marina Quesada

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Tfn. 904 770 0293



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