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Get to know Panama City’s captivating charm, rich history, refreshing waters, beautiful natural scenery, culinary delights, and exceptional brews with seven diverse trail experiences that will satisfy your curiosity, feed your cravings, and awaken your adventurous side. We invite you to take a moment to explore each of our trails below and plan your next journey to Destination Panama City #WhereLifeSetsSail.

Historic Walking Trails

Step through our local history, from the days of Native Americans to the present. Learn why inhabitants of each era have been drawn to this location and how their culture thrived in this bayside village. Explore our two self-guided walking tours, and experience these tales for yourself.

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Ale Trail

The bayside community of Panama City has an abundance of world-class pubs and craft breweries and we’ve charted your course to find these treasures on the Panama City Ale Trail. These nine local craft breweries and pubs specialize in a variety of local and regional brews, live music, and good times. Follow our convenient self-guided tour for an authentic Panama City ale experience like no other.

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Oyster Trail

In Panama City, you’ll find oysters that are always fresh and cooked just right! There’s no shortage of oysters on our Oyster Trail, serving up the tasty dish in almost every way, from raw oysters to baked or fried, with a unique spin on flavors at each restaurant you visit. An old myth claims the best time to eat oysters are in months with an “r” – but in Panama City, we enjoy them all year round.

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Paddle Trails

The great state of Florida boasts an abundance of water trails for all of your paddling adventures! Panama City, part of the Emerald Coast Region of the Florida Paddling Trails Association, is nestled between popular Econfina and Holmes Creek paddling trails and the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail. These trails offer something for everyone with elements for the experienced adventurers and a more relaxed pace for the beginners.

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Florida Walking Trails

The Florida National Scenic Trail is a federally-designated recreation trail that meanders approximately 1,300 miles across some of the most beautiful, unique landscapes in the entire country. In the Panhandle Region, you will find the unique environment Florida has to offer, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world! The segment of the Florida Trail closest to Panama City borders the crystal clear spring-fed waters of Econfina Creek.

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Great Florida Birding Trail

The Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail is a network of 510 premier wildlife viewing sites across the state. When you want to know where to go in Florida to see native birds, butterflies and more, head for the Trail. It’s Your Road to Adventure!

Learn more about the Great Florida Birding Trail here

Mural Trail

Murals bring the culture of a city to life and showcase the vibrant art community at the heart of it. Getting a mural program going in Panama City was a labor of love and the results are adding splashes of color all around the community. You will want to have an Instagram-worthy photo moment at every one of them, so why not follow the trail and discover all of these beautiful works of art for yourself?

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