Travel Writer Guidelines

We encourage the media to contact us at least six to eight months prior to expected or requested travel dates, so that we may adequately prepare for a successful visit. Once credentials have been verified, we will begin coordinating arrangements with the area partners. 

  • Hospitality offers that are extended to media (i.e. accommodations, dining, etc.) are provided at the discretion of our industry partners. All requests are subject to availability.
  • Journalists should provide a letter of assignment on official letterhead from the media outlet they are representing. 
  • Freelance journalists do not have a letter of assignment. They must provide three travel-related articles written within the last two years, and guarantee Destination Panama City with pre-publication review as well as guaranteed publication dates on their social media channels.
  • The Panama City Community Development Council requests a copy of the original article or DVD of broadcast coverage of all Panama City travel articles that are produced.
  • If there is a conflict in scheduling, you must notify Destination Panama City as soon as possible so we can accommodate the changes.
  • Family and companions are welcome to stay in the accommodations provided to the journalist/freelancer pursuant to the rules and restrictions of the reservation.

For Social Media Personalities/Influencers

  • Draft post(s) with copy and imagery must be provided to Destination Panama City for approval before publishing on social channels or blogs.
  • Approved post(s) must be published to social channels or blogs within six weeks of the visit.
  • If no content is released after six weeks, Destination Panama City will request a full refund and will issue an invoice. 
  • Influencers must make the required number of posts, as agreed upon prior to travel to the destination.
  • Social media influencers must provide proof of their following and/or influencer status.
  • Social media posts must include the use of Destination Panama City official hashtags, #WhereLifeSetsSail and use of geolocation tag – Panama City, FL
  • All social posts must adhere to the Federal Trade Commission Endorsement guidelines which include using #Sponsored, #Ad when posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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Brand Standards & Logos

This will serve as a guideline for adapting the Destination Panama City logo to all areas of promotion and marketing. Following this framework will ensure a consistency that will become a strong visual representation. We ask all our personnel, agencies, printers, and suppliers who are responsible for implementing this program to conform to the specifications included herein.


The Destination Panama City logo is to always be used in the proportions provided and is never to be altered in any way. It is imperative that this approved configuration be maintained in all applications since unauthorized variations confuse its visual effectiveness.

  • A “full clearance area” should always be maintained around the logo to be separate it from other graphic elements by an equal distance on all sides.
  • The logo must not be applied inside any geometric shape.
  • There are several variations of the logo with or without the brand name and tagline. The version with the name and tagline should always be used unless told otherwise. 
  • When at all possible the logo should be printed or used in electronic form in the full-color version. 

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