Down to Earth

As local yogi Sonya Caldwell will attest, you don’t have to be super adventurous to enjoy the great outdoors in Panama City. “I’m outside probably 85% of the day,” Sonya says, “and it really impacts my energy.” An advocate for mental health, Sonya encourages people to get plenty of sunlight and fresh air every single day—something living in Panama City has made possible for her.

“I’m an eternal optimist,” she explains. “I find that as I stay connected to the earth, the light, the birds and the breeze, those things sustain me, ground me, but also heal me at the same time.”

Here are a few of Sonya’s favorite outdoor activities to bring about peace and mental well-being:

Practice a walking meditation at her labyrinth, a sacred place to reflect, look within, pray or negotiate new behavior. Walk the labyrinth with your body while you rest your mind. 

Try grounding, the practice of standing or walking barefoot on the earth to connect to its energy. Sonya’s favorite place to do this is on the shores of St. Andrew Bay.

Catch an outdoor concert on the #LovePC Lawn and let the sounds of nature become part of the music.