…And a Hopeful New Year

During this holiday season members of our community came together for healing and camaraderie. The spirit of the season was alive and well in Panama City and could be seen in full display at the numerous events that happened despite Hurricane Michael trying to be the Grinch who steals our cheer.


The Holiday Bazaar at the Panama City Center for the Arts allowed local artist to sell their work which made the perfect, unique gift to give a loved one.

St. Andrews is holding “Light Up St. Andrews” events every Friday in December and have had amazing activities such as a gorgeous Christmas tree lighting, a candlelight vigil and poetry reading, a movie screening, and caroling all taking place in the delightfully decorated Oaks by the Bay park.47258fa3cf3f0b41d7d6b120a2db089b26819d2539d91171874bf1ef135d04fe

Downtown was host to the Jaycees Christmas Parade which provided visual spectacle as children caught candy being tossed from the holiday floats as they passed by giving off lights, sounds, and colors that invoked the joy of the holiday season and filled the Downtown air with music and laughter.

As the holiday season wanes and we head into the New Year it may be easy to reflect on what was lost; but our community is proving time and time again that the absence of what once was only provides opportunity for innovation and progress. 2019 holds a world of possibilities, and Panama City will be exploring all that it contains.

Wishing you a hopeful, joyous New Year.


Destination Panama City