The Arts: Surviving and Thriving in Panama City

Panama City has always been renowned for its thriving arts community; and our local artists have been showing the world that it will take much more than hurricane to stifle the creative soul of our beautiful city.

As the chainsaws sang and the debris was swept away from our streets the artists banded together to offer reprieves for those working hard to rebuild. Public Eye Soar offered visual spectacle and unique films for the community during their annual projection event held just a month after Michael.

Local writing guild The Syndicate placed a call out to all of those who felt they had a story to tell and collected work by those affected to release the beautifully-insightful “Survivors” anthology; with work created in three short weeks of the aftermath so the nerves were still raw.

Gulf Coast State College Theatre offered a two-night original theatre performance titled “10/10: What’s Past is Prologue” which incorporated traditional theatre, music, dancing, and poetry. The neighborhoods of Downtown Panama City and St. Andrews have given musicians stages to express themselves and let the city begin dancing again.

These examples barely scratch the surface of what has happened and what’s to come for unique artistic experiences in Panama City. Art galleries will be open for eyes to feast on, live theatre and comedy will be presented to offer an escape; and music will be played to soothe the soul. The arts have always been the fabric with which Panama City’s culture has been woven; and despite these trying times there is not a thread out of place.



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