Year: 2017

Strummin’ Man Ukulele Festival in Panama City, Florida

Julie Merritt is a Panama City local and President of the St. Andrews Ukulele Orchestra.

When is the last time you sat around with a group of friends and played music and sang songs? Whether singing along with the radio, around a camp fire, or a night out on the town with friends singing along with your favorite band. The sheer joy of keeping company with good friends and belting out happy tunes makes for a memorable time.

Enter the ukulele; for the past 4 years a group of music lovers has met at Little Village once a month to play on their ukuleles and sing songs. The group in itself has grown from around 20 participants at that first meeting in November of 2013 to an active playing membership of around 80. Initially, we would bring our TV set and post the songs on the tube via laptop and we would play and sing along to some classic old tunes. To our surprise, the Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews has become a very active family of musicians that includes not only ukuleles, but trumpets, cellos, accordions, drums, vibra slaps and kazoos. It is truly an “orchestra”! As the group has grown in number and diversity of instruments, so has the range of musical interests ranging from classical ukulele tunes to rock and roll, blues, folk, and cabaret. The group now performs at venues across the Panhandle and has raised money through donations and tips to spread the love by providing ukuleles to local elementary schools, after school groups and the local library. To date, the group has provided ukes to five Bay County elementary schools, Girls Inc., and the Bay County Library – Panama City. The goal is to continue raising money and putting ukes in all of the local schools as well as to foster teaching and performance.

As the group continued to grow, and raise money, we decided to sponsor a ukulele festival. Several members had participated in workshops and festivals across the country and thought “Why not here?” The Strummin’ Man festival is planned for the second weekend in October at the St. Andrews Marina. This festival will bring internationally recognized ukulele talent from as far away as Hawaii and will include workshops, vendors, local and regional live performances and open mic opportunities for new and old strummers who are anxious to share their musical interests. October in St. Andrews is one of the best places to be on the planet and nothing will put a smile on your face like a ukulele. Come on down, bring the family and join in the fun!

Family Friendly Day in Panama City

Nicole Bielenin is the family and children photographer behind the lens of Lavender Roads Photography in the Florida panhandle. When she’s not taking pictures, you can find her spending time with her husband, chasing her toddler, or planning her next getaway (and she’s never too far away from a carton of ice cream).

Anyone who has taken a trip with a toddler knows how much fun it can be! (And for those of you who haven’t ever taken a trip with a toddler… by “fun,” I mean it could make a saint want to pull her hair out). Even so, everyone knows that a trip can be good for the soul. So where should you plan to go if you want a place that’s both appealing to adults while still offering fabulous options for the littlest members of the family? Well, lucky for you, I know the perfect family-friendly destination: Panama City!

Recently, I took a day trip to Panama City, meeting with a friend to spend the day adventuring with our toddlers. At the time, they were both between a year and eighteen months old (I know, momma’s… you’re hearing those screechy violins from horror films). So how did we manage to not only pass the time with them, but to really enjoy our day?

We began the day in Downtown Panama City at a seafood restaurant right on the water (literally!), Bayou Joe’s. Dining on their covered dock provided for a relaxed atmosphere that was perfect with two little ones…bonus points for snagging a window seat where they can be entertained by watching the boats come in and out- of which there were plenty to choose from!

Following our meal, we ventured over to historic St. Andrews. Here, we headed to Floriopolis, an art studio and gallery. I know this may not sound kid-friendly, but stick with me… Floriopolis is truly a gem! It is a cozy, eclectic place with the friendliest faces. They offer studio days for those of all ages with a large assortment of art materials to be explored. Because we weren’t at home and didn’t have to worry about a kiddo permanently redecorating our pretty furniture (not that that’s ever happened to me before), we chose the messiest option for our littles: paint! It was an incredibly fun experience for kids and moms alike! Aside from being fun, it was also so rewarding to watch them explore their creative sides. Floriopolis is not a place to be missed, even if you just go in to peruse the local art displayed there.

Once we got the kiddos cleaned up and presentable again, we decided to let them run off some energy at Oaks by the Bay Park. I immediately fell in love with the picturesque Spanish moss-covered towering oaks overlooking the bay. I don’t think I stopped gushing over them the entire time we were there! The stretch of pristine white sand along the bay was the perfect place for tiny bare feet to run- and run they did! After some time playing here, both kids were thoroughly exhausted- another mom win!

My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend exploring the area. The Downtown Panama City and historic St. Andrews areas are truly some of the most beautiful around. I will definitely be returning as soon as the opportunity presents itself… and when I do, I can be confident that there will be plenty for not only me to enjoy, but for my little girl to enjoy, as well!

Panama City kicks off the inaugural Strummin’ Man Festival

Panama City kicks off the inaugural Strummin’ Man Festival this fall at the marina in Historic St. Andrews. The Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews, known around town as Ukes St. Andrews, is organizing the festival, which is sponsored by Destination Panama City and Holiday Inn.

From October 13-15, the city will welcome international ukulele artists for concerts and workshops as well as local and visiting ukulele enthusiasts – and of course curious neophytes. “Most of us had no playing experience or musical background when we started,” says Jennifer Jones, a charter member of the orchestra and director of Bay Arts Alliance. “The ukulele is approachable and non-intimidating, it’s just a fun instrument, and we’re so diverse and welcoming.”

The Ukes St. Andrews hatched in 2014 when a local businessman invited friends to play. “He said, ‘If you play, I’ll pay for the ukuleles,’” laughs Jones. The group has grown to a core of more than 100 musicians, although rarely all are free to join for one event. “We are big enough now that there are always enough people on hand for us split into two groups and play two gigs at once,” she adds.

With the instrument’s broad appeal, the orchestra is a diverse group of locals, including a rocket scientist, computer programmers, bankers, photographers, educators – even folks who have never picked up an instrument. “We try to balance skill with fun,” Jones says. “We want to sound our best without making it so rigorous it discourages anyone from playing – or joining.”

Since their beginning, the group has prioritized supporting local music education. Noting that the ukulele is a great gateway instrument, Jones explains that the orchestra, a 501(c)(3), has provided hundreds of ukuleles to Bay County schools and libraries. “One advantage the ukulele has over introductory wind instruments like the recorder is that you can sing to it,” Jones says. “It allows children to use the musical instrument they’re born with in concert with the ukulele.”

True to this mission, the Ukes will donate all profits from Strummin’ Man to buy instruments for Bay County school students. “We hope to raise enough to donate ukuleles to any school in the county that wants them,” Jones says.

In addition to immersive offerings such as workshops, jam sessions and open-mike stages, Strummin’ Man Festival will welcome some of the world’s leading ukulele artists, including Lil’ Rev, an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music-historian; Rachel Manke, one of the brightest stars in the ukulele universe; Taimane, whose expansive repertoire spans from Bach to Led Zeppelin; and duo Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee.

Tickets are available in advance at Through August 31, attendees can take advantage of early-bird packages ranging from all-access weekend passes for $85 to day passes for $15.

Panama City – Trade in the sun and sand for shade and serenity at Little Village

Panama City has it all – a perfect location overlooking St. Andrew Bay with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico, a thriving arts and culture scene, a range of dining offering the freshest local seafood, and diverse shopping and antiquing. You won’t be lacking of anything to do while you’re in Panama City!

A local favorite and a place where you can get the true experience of Panama City is Little Village, a waterfront shopping and entertainment venue located in Historic St. Andrews. A sidewalk community built on the shores of the Bay and dedicated to giving an organic experience, Historic St. Andrews uses the slogan #KeepStAndrewsSalty. With a hippie vibe, Little Village will give you just that – an organic experience that you won’t find outside of Panama City. When you first walk in, you’ll be greeted by lots of friendly faces and possibly even Kenny the house-cat. Make your way to the little indoor huts for a little bit of shopping, each offering a unique selection of items. As your exploring each hut, don’t forget to look around you, or you’ll miss the fun outdoor and garden decorations. There’s a large indoor shopping area located in the back with a deck that extends over the lake. The inventory is constantly changing and you can discover handmade, eco-friendly, fair trade, recycled, and re-purposed items from around the globe with a special selection of local artists’ work. Little Village also offers a selection of flavored salts by Gulf Coast Saltworks, a local company that harvests salt from the local Gulf Waters.

While you shop, you can enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine or snack on Finns Island Style Grub cuisine and listen to live music on the outdoor patio overlooking a superior water view. You can’t go wrong with anything you choose to order from Finns, from the overstuffed fish tacos to the burrito bowls and quesadillas all served fresh and made to order. Inspired by a combination of saltwater, tropical islands, fishing and a deep cajun history, the menu at Finns Island Style Grub is a blend of unique ideas that won’t disappoint!

This entertainment venue is also home to the 200-person Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews. You won’t be able to help but smile watching this fun loving group of people radiate nothing but happiness as they strum their ukuleles. Coming up later this year on October 13-15 2017 is the Inaugural Strummin’ Man Ukulele Festival, a multi-day festival featuring renowned ukulele artists’ concerts, workshops, vendors, and local and visitor ukulele groups. You won’t want to miss this event! For more events and happenings in Panama City, visit the Destination Panama City Events page.