Hunt's Oyster Bar Panama City, Florida

Hunt’s Oyster Bar | A Nostalgic Experience at Iconic Panama City Eatery

Hunt’s Oyster Bar in Panama City, Florida is more than your average oyster bar. This quaint Florida restaurant has made a name for themselves as a go-to seafood spot in Florida. Regularly named as one of the best places to eat oysters in the state, Hunt’s is an immersive experience with family traditions spanning multiple generations.

“It’s just carrying on traditions over multiple generations. My son ate his first oyster at Hunt’s Oyster Bar. For me, the oysters bring back the nostalgic feelings because it reminds me of the areas that I grew up boating and snorkeling in. It’s the taste of the lifestyle of this area. Our local oysters are very salty, and when you eat it, it brings you back to those childhood memories.”

Collins Abrams, owner of Hunt’s Oyster Bar

Serving up fresh seafood for more than 55 years, Hunt’s Oyster Bar is just one of a dozen stops on the Panama City Oyster Trail, spanning the neighborhoods of Millville, Historic Downtown, and St. Andrews. Housed in an iconic yellow bungalow, Hunt’s Oyster Bar is a staple in Panama City, Florida – a city that has become an oyster-lovers paradise. Oysters take on the taste of their surroundings, and the privileged environment along the Gulf Coast produces what many consider to be the best oysters in the world. 

Hunt's Oyster Bar Panama City, Florida

Hunt’s Oyster Bar has that one-of-a-kind nostalgia.

From the sight of the little yellow building by the bay to the familiar crunch of the crushed oyster shells under your feet as you walk through the parking lot, Hunt’s Oyster Bar has that one-of-a-kind nostalgia that always brings you back. So, whether you’re an oyster connoisseur or it’s your first oyster, a trip to Hunt’s is another reason we #LovePC.

Hunt's Oyster Bar Panama City, Florida
Hunt's Oyster Bar Panama City, Florida

Celebrate National Oyster Day at Hunt’s

In Panama City, Florida, we celebrate oysters every day. And if you’ve never had an oyster before, you won’t want to experience one anywhere else – especially for National Oyster Day. Visit Hunt’s during the month of August and you’ll get to take home a “Golden Oyster” trophy to commemorate your first oyster eating adventure.

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In Panama City, we say, “Oysters All Ways Always.”

You’ll become an oyster lover in no time, so naturally, you’ll want to follow the Panama City Oyster Trail for a soul (and belly) filling experience. With Hunt’s being just one of a dozen stops on the Panama City Oyster Trail, there is so much to explore! With so many choices, the only question is where to begin. We say the best way to experience it is to plan a day to travel around the restaurants and try all of the different ways you can eat oysters in Panama City.

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